We’re a global business development agency.

Value innovation is a new way of developing and implementing a strategy that results in the creation of a new market.


We specialize in starting and nurturing relationships between leading companies and the distribution channel, generating quality MQLs and converting them into SQL.

How? With distinctive, carefully curated engagement strategic planning, designed to create simultaneously market demand and interest from the distribution channel.

We plan the future of the companies that rely on us, supporting us in daily operations, supporting and accompanying them in the complex italian market, accelerating time-to-market.


Identifying promising prospect partners and signing partnership agreements with the sales channels is only the beginning of the channel development process.

The most important – crucial – aspect is to turn these engagements into revenue generating, profitable and mutually beneficial engagements.

Our hybrid approach (consisting of both direct and indirect activities) will have a synergetic effect: the lead generation activities will lead to a more active, enthusiastic, engaged channel, whereas the involvement of local channel partners (that may have existing relationships in place with specific end clients already) will help close deals more rapidly.

What we do

We are so confident in our team, our experience and our method that our work is based on a fee.

So when you win, so do we.


In twenty years of presence on the market, Castaldi&Co. has developed hundreds of case histories in multiple markets.

Our strength lies in the transversality of the experiences gained, a precious resource for all current and future customers.

Each project created by Castaldi&Co. it is managed by a dedicated working group, whose goal is to seek a long-term partnership with the customer and generate concrete results.

Our clients


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Fully outsourced channel development, channel activation and channel management services for companies.

Our team consists of expert strategists, B2B marketers and business developers has a very large existing network within the Italy with a highly experienced in developing and managing channels.